Having the chance to create a bespoke piece of artwork to be featured as part of the Online Campaign for The British Masters Golf Tournament was an exciting opportunity!

The Content Team at The European Tour wanted a unique image that they could use across all of their social media platforms, and they had a very specific requirement.

'Can you create an image that incorporates four iconic British golfers?' they asked. 'Sure, no problem. Just let me know which ones' I responded. 'We're thinking Faldo, Woosnam, Monty and Westwood' they pinged back. 'Oh, and can we have Tommy Fleetwood aloft holding a Union Jack?'

Five of the Best

Collating a series of original images to work from was a time-consuming challenge but eventually I managed to find a jumble of photographs that showed the players I needed in more or less the right pose.

Ian Woosnam's original image was taken amid Ryder Cup victory celebrations and the pint of lager and froth heavy top lip would need to be replaced with something a little more in keeping. The replacement of pint glass with a British Masters branded coffee cup and updated face did the trick.

It was impossible to find a suitable image of Nick Faldo holding The British Masters Trophy to work from, so a little work was required to create a suitable image for the centre of the artwork.

Tommy Fleetwood aloft holding a Union Jack!!?

The words were continually ringing in my ears as I sat creating Faldo and Woosnam. How the hell was I going to create an image of Tommy Fleetwood holding a Union Jack!? More internet searching and the Gods were on my side. Fleetwood had been snapped at the end of The Ryder Cup holding a flag and their were a few images available online. Granted it was the flag of St. George and all of the photos were in completely the wrong angle, but it was something and enough for me to work from.

Luckily as Monty and Westwood were to stand in the background there was a multitude of original images to work from and a simple addition of The British Masters logo to each golfers shirt gave the group a sense of unity.

After finally completing the composition I fired it across to the guys at The European Tour and kept my fingers crossed it would be well received. Four hours went by and... nothing?

'They hate it!' I told myself. 'They're just pulling straws to see who has to get in touch and break the news. That's the reason for the delay'

I kept going back and looking at my image to see where I could improve it and trying to gauge how long it would take me. Just as I had decided that Faldo needed completely replacing and Fleetwood's face looked odd, my email pinged.

'Sorry for the delay' it said 'Your email was stuck in our Junk folder and we've only just seen it!' Pause. Deep breath. Scroll Down... 'We love it!' it said. I was so relieved, I let out a little involuntary sound I'd never made before and instantly treated myself to a well earned beer.