Scottish Football Supporters Association

Artist in Residence

The Scottish Football Supporters Association provides a platform for the ordinary Scottish Football Fan to have a say in the running of the game in Scotland.

In 2019, SPARKIUS Art were delighted to be named as the Official Artist in Residence for the SFSA. Since that time, SPARKIUS has produced a number of original artworks for a range of different projects including: SFSA Hall of Fame, National Conference, Book Releases and Social Media Campaigns.

Why we love Scottish Football | Book Cover Design by SPARKIUS
Scotland v Ukraine Original Artwork by SPARKIUS
The Three Kings Original Artwork by SPARKIUS
SFSA Hall of Fame Original Artwork by SPARKIUS
Why We Love Scottish Football Original Book Cover Artwork by SPARKIUS
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We have worked with Steve for several years and have been delighted with the work he has produced. Steve's artwork has contributed to the successful launch of our merchandise range, our national conference along with numerous programmes and social media campaigns.

The cover of our recently released 'Why We Love Scottish Football' was also created by Steve and, needless to say, we LOVE it!

Paul Goodwin

Founder | SFSA